St. Michael's Ministries

St. Michael's congregation consists of a diverse population of Northern Virginians, including all different ages and backgrounds.  We live in an area where families are busy gloing many different directions.  Lengthy commutes, transient neighbors, diverse cultures and multiple commitments adversely affect our daily relationships with ourselves and communities.  In many cases, isolation of the individual or family is the result.

To counter these influences, we believe there are two essential truths about ministry:

  • As Christians, we need the warm and caring family ties of the Church family; we need opportunities to grow in faith and to serve.
  • Participating in ministry does not add to the burden of "one more thing to do".  Instead, participation in worship and/or ministries replenishes and refills us spiritually, mentally and physically.

To meet the needs of our church family, different ministries are available.  They exist to connect people in a regular small group community, creating an environment for unity, spiritual growth, pastoral care and meaningful service.

Visitors are always welcome.  If you have additional questions or need further assistance, call the church office at 703-754-7536 or use the "Contact Us" page to share your questions.

Our Ministries:

  •     Adult Social Hour after services, Sooper Senior luncheons
  •     Children's Sunday School
  •      Nursery for 3 yo and under during services
  •     Intercessors
  •     Healing Prayer and Intercession after communion
  •     Haymarket Food Pantry